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TECNO VACUUM s.r.l. is a company that researches and develops high vacuum solutions for metallic coatings of objects. The company, which has a consolidated experience world-wide, designs and builds high vacuum metallization equipment since 1990 for the sectors of automotive, cosmetics and in general the ennobling of various objects.

With our second production establishment, we have an area of 15.000 mq in total and a covered area of about 6.000 mq for warehouses, workshop, technical and commercial offices.

The range of  TECNO VACUUM s.r.l. products uses various types of process, even  combined:

·         Metallization (Thermal Evaporation)
·         Sputtering
·         Cathodic Arc
Among the technologies used:

·         PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition)
·         Plasma PECVD (Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition)
·         Cryogenic traps (Defrost during the production, exclusive system of TECNO VACUUM s.r.l.)
·         DPS system (Diffusion Pump Speed, exclusive system of TECNO VACUUM s.r.l.)
The company's mission is to meet market demands, by the production of equipment technologically advanced and customizable for the full customer satisfaction.

Our strenghts are:
·         Innovative technology
·         Product quality
·         Technical assistance
·         Flexibility and customization

·         Respect for the environment

TECNO VACUUM s.r.l. is certified ISO 9001 for design and building of high vacuum metallization equipment.

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