Tecno Vacuum high vacuum metallization systems, PVD Sputtering and PECVD

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High Vacuum Systems for PVD and PECVD coatings
Since 1990 Tecno Vacuum S.r.l. designs and manufactures high vacuum metallization systems (PVD Sputtering and Thermal Evaporation, PLASMA, PECVD) for the deposition of thin films on objects of various materials and geometries, to give them superior aesthetic and functional characteristics.
Our systems have the most modern technologies and the best components on the market to ensure maximum quality and productivity.
Thanks to mass production, we are able to offer the best prices on the market and fast delivery times.
The company is ISO 9001 certified for "Design and production of high vacuum metallizing equipment".
The Systems
We have a wide range of standard systems (Thermal Evaporation and Sputtering), but we also realize customized equipment, both for use with an operator and automatically with a Robot.

Automotive, Cosmetics, Glass, Lighting, Fashion, Furniture, Optics, Electronics...
are just some of the PVD application sectors

Our Services
Timely online and on-site assistance
Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
Specific courses for operators and maintenance technicians

The Technologies
What is PVD?
Thermal Evaporation or Sputtering?
What is the PECVD for?

The Company
In addition to the main office in Gessate (MI) - ITALY, we have a second production site for a total area of 15,000 m² and a covered area of approximately 6,000 m² for warehouses, workshops, technical and commercial offices.
Tecno Vacuum S.r.l.
via Monza 62 - 20060 Gessate (MI) - ITALY
P.IVA:  07080500965

Fax +39 02 95383936
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